Meet the Team


We are currently a small team, passionate about ensuring that every student has an equal opportunity to continue his/her academic growth during this pandemic. Please visit our Take Action page if you are interested in joining the initiative!

Hello! My name is Adira Kruayatidee, and I am a fourth year Biochemistry undergraduate at UCLA. During my time here, I have been primarily involved in conducting research on neurodegenerative diseases, volunteering at Ronald Reagan Hospital and Venice Family Clinic, and teaching as a Learning Assistant. I enjoy reading, checking out quaint coffee shops, and traveling when I can!
Hi! I’m Krystina Szylo and I’m a third year undergraduate at UCLA majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Spanish. I currently work as a student assistant at the UCLA Bariatric Surgery Department, teach as a Learning Assistant for General and Organic Chemistry, and I’m a certified EMT. On my free time, I like to do yoga and run!


Hey there! My name is Amish Jain, and I’m a third year Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology undergraduate with a minor in Biomedical Research. I’m currently studying heart valve calcification in mice as a part of the Nakano Lab, and enjoy teaching in my capacity as a Learning Assistant for Organic Chemistry. I also love working with younger children, particularly in science outreach through CityLab and InterAxon, and am a TeamWorks volunteer at John Burroughs Middle School. I love to try cooking new foods whenever I get a chance!

Community Outreach Coordinators

Harrison Cheng is a fourth year Biochemistry major at UCLA with interests of pursing pharmacy! He is involved with research on epigenetics and is currently working as a pharmacy technician at his local CVS. In his free time he enjoys playing basketball and hanging out with friends!
Teresa Rexin is a fourth year transfer student majoring in Applied Mathematics and Statistics at UCLA. She is involved in research investigating real-world applications of networks. Through her internships at Intel Corporation, she discovered that she would like to pursue a career in data science/analytics after graduation. She also loves to travel and try exotic foods!

College Application Director

Samantha Haong is a fourth year biochemistry major at UCLA. She is a part of UCLA’s Sports Medicine Internship Program where she is the student athletic trainer for the women’s water polo team. She has also served on the Mentorship Committee for this internship and also works as a student assistant at UCLA’s Pediatric Pulmonology.

Tutor Coordinators

Arezoo Kalan is a third year Human Biology and Society major at UCLA! She hopes to pursue a career in medicine in the future, and likes to go on hikes, bake and have dance parties!
Yi Sun is a fourth year Biochemistry major at UCLA with interest of pursing medicine. As a first generation college student, she’s especially passionate about education and supporting students in the learning process! She is currently an Undergraduate Learning assistant and volunteer at Ronald Reagan Hospital. During her free times, she loves to eat (sushi yes!), hang out with friends, listen to music and podcasts, and…sleep! 


Emmy Brewer is a junior at the University of Iowa and Iā€™m a Social Work Major! She hopes to go to law school after college and become a child advocacy lawyer. She really like animals and traveling!
Gwynneth Orlino is a third year psychobiology major at UCLA. She is from NorCal! She hopes to go to medical school and become a physician in the future. She is also a tutor for a club at UCLA called 1girl and they focus on empowering and mentoring young girls in underserved communities in the LA area. During her free time, she enjoy doing yoga, playing the guitar, and hanging out with friends!
Sophia Mourad is a third year student at UCLA majoring in biology. She is currently volunteering at the UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center and Ronald Reagan, and is currently doing research at UCLA’s Medical Informatics and Brain Mapping Institute. She shadows functional magnetic resonance imaging experiments, and with the help of her research head, will be performing her own experiments in the Fall! Also, she is super passionate about animals and the environment, and has been vegan for over four years! In her free time, she like to go to the gym, cook, hangout with friends, or go to the beach.
Soraya Saghbini is a third year biochem student at UCLA. She’s Lebanese but grew up in the UAE. She speak four languages fluently, and is the Asian region water champion. 
Lauren Salaiz is a fourth year at UCLA majoring in Political Science. She is passionate about education and gender equity issues and has worked in various settings that have allowed her to gain experience working on a personal basis with the community. She loves sunsets and yoga with good company and inspiring people to find joy in every day! She’s an avid yelper which allows her to find the best new brunch or dinner spots. She hopes to get into law in the future and use her position to support marginalized communities.
Jacob Horton is a fourth year at UCLA. He is currently majoring in History with an emphasis on ancient history and minoring in Anthropology. He plans on enrolling in a PhD program after he completes his undergraduate education. He has a deep love for movies and reading, as well as sports
Celina Lee is a third year undergraduate student at UCLA, double majoring in Philosophy and Human Biology & Society with a minor in Food Studies. She is passionate about equity in medicine, public health, and policy. In her free time she love to cook plant-based food and read poetry!
Katie Kyan is a second year majoring in Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology at UCLA. She is from Hacienda Heights! She has always been interested in the field of medicine ever since she was young, and plans to pursue a career in medicine. Meanwhile she also loves to design using Photoshop and InDesign which is why she joined the Daily Bruin to help design for the school’s newspaper! During quarantine she has been keeping herself busy by learning how to draw using Procreate on her iPad. She has also been getting back into playing the piano!
Shashank Namboodiri is a first year engineering undergraduate at Purdue University who is deeply interested STEM. He finished his schooling in India and has taught math and physics to his peers and juniors. He would like to generate interest in students in STEM by helping students gain a better intuitive understanding.
Rubie Dhillon is a second-year Applied Math major (and aspiring Earth and Environmental Science minor) at UCLA! She is currently a learning assistant for Linear Algebra and Multivariable Calculus at UCLA. She is a huge proponent for student learning (especially during this crazy year) looks forward to potentially working with K-12 students as well as college applicants in the future!
Tiffany Tu is a fourth year at UCLA and is from the Inland Empire. As much as she loves tutoring and attending 2-hour lectures over Zoom, she likes to wind down by playing Animal Crossing New Horizons. Her island is called The Shire because she’s a big fan of Lord of the Rings. Who isn’t?
Vincent Leong is a second year Biochemistry student at UCLA. Some of his hobbies include playing tennis and basketball. In his free time, he loves looking at fantasy basketball statistics and watching NBA analysis/highlight videos. He is extremely passionate for advocating against the toxic “college-climbing” mentality. He aspires to provide a free support system to other students so they can receive the wonderful advice he received when he was younger.
Ghattas Malki graduated with a degree in biochemistry from UCLA in 2020 with Summa Cum Laude. He is currently attending UCSD med school.
Becky Ma is a fourth year undergraduate biochemistry major at UCLA. She is premed and enjoys swimming, reading, eating, and watching shows.
Taylor Tran is a third year political science major, pursuing a minor in Spanish! She has four younger brothers and is from Morgan Hill, CA. She likes hiking, volleyball, or just hanging with friends.
Rajvir Dool is a fourth year at UCLA majoring in political science and minoring in mathematics. Her future plan is to attend law school for fall of 2022 and become a family lawyer. She is currently a tutor for Devon Review where she tutors high school students in all subjects. She considers herself to be a proactive hard worker who truly commits to what she sets her mind to. 
Amelia Navarro is a third year Physiological Science major at UCLA. She is currently working as a volunteer in Dr. Gal Bitan’s research lab where she is involved in a project focusing on Parkinson’s disease. In addition to that, prior to the current at home orders, she volunteered at the Ronald Reagan Medical Center at UCLA. She hopes to pursue a career in medicine, in particular, dermatology. Besides academics, she is fluent in both English and Spanish. She also enjoy taking walks and playing with her four chihuahuas! 
Angela Nguyen is a fourth year molecular, cell and developmental biology major at UCLA with a minor in Film, Television and Digital Media. She has a passion for film including screenwriting and enjoys painting during her free time. She plans to attend medical school after undergrad and ultimately have a profession in medicine.
Olivia Henshaw is a third year UCLA biochemistry student. She’s involved in extracurriculars such as greek life and is on the ACS on Campus board! Olivia has a strong volunteering background, spanning school and self-employed tutoring, involvement with the Seattle Humane Society, and many years of organizing and participating in Relay for Life in both high school and college.
Leo Hernandez is a fourth year at UCLA majoring in biochemistry learning along the education path. He is in the UCLA Bruin Marching Band and marches the tuba/sousaphone and dedicates 8-10 hours a week to the program since last year. He loves music, gaming, and reading books in his free time!
Alexis Shen is a first year undergraduate at UCLA passionate about psychology and planning on being a psychiatrist in the future! She has many different interests, such as environmentalism, biology, and philosophy. In her free time she enjoys playing video games, watching anime, or cooking.
Erin Spillane is a senior at UCLA and will be graduating in March. She hopes to pursue a career in medicine after one or two gap years spent working. She is majoring in human biology and society, which combines STEM curriculum with policy, ethics, sociology, and philosophy. She really enjoy working with children and has been a camp counselor, tutor, and nanny over the years. During the pandemic, she has spent extra free-time surfing, puzzling, baking, and, of course, watching Netflix. She has also been fostering a dog, Georgie, from a shelter in LA with her roommates!
Angel Emodi is a sophomore pursuing a major in Physiological Science at UCLA. She was born in Nigeria and immigrated to Los Angeles as a child. Her future career goals are to attend medical school to become a surgeon and to start her own pro bono clinic to serve poor, underrepresented communities in Los Angeles. She loves working with kids and hopes to do so in her profession as a future medical doctor. She enjoys playing beach volleyball and rollerskating in her free time!
Manuel Orozco is a fourth year Biology major and Science Education minor at UCLA. He is a West LA native and attended all public schools. Tutoring was not a service that was easily accessible for him, so as a means of helping students who need help, he wanted to be involved with this program. He is currently applying to graduate teaching education programs to become a middle school Biology/Life Science teacher.

More faces coming soon šŸ™‚

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